When using an air fryer to cook tofu, choose extra firm tofu. While super-firm tofu is fine, you should look for extra-firm tofu. To do this, press it with a tofu press. You can also use a dish towel to squeeze out the excess moisture. This is essential to getting crispy tofu. The next step is to coat it with cooking spray to reduce the fat content and keep the tofu crispy.

Before you begin cooking the tofu, ensure it is in a single layer. If the tofu is stacked too high, it will stick together. If you plan to store it for a few days, you can use a paper towel to pat it dry. This will prevent the tofu from absorbing excess oil. Alternatively, you can place a heavy object on top of the tofu to press it. The tofu will be crisp after it has been pressed.

After pressing the tofu dry, you can add the sauce. You can alternate between olive oil and avocado oil for your air fryer. You can also use extra-virgin olive oil. After frying the tofu, set it aside and let it soak up the sauce. As the sauce cools, you can serve it immediately. You can even make air-fried tofu with your favorite dipping sauce.

To make air-fried tofu, you can use any oil you like. You can use extra-virgin olive oil if you prefer. You can also try cooking tofu on the stove or in the oven if you don’t have an air fryer. Whether you choose to fry your tofu in the air fryer, it will still come out crispy and delicious! You can add vegetables and other toppings, such as sliced tomatoes or peppers, to make the dish more interesting.

Tofu should be in a single layer when air-frying. Otherwise, it will be too soft and will release too much water. When using an air fryer, make sure to use only organic tofu. The soy sauce you use should be made without GMOs. Tofu should be covered with clean kitchen towels. It should be drained before serving. If you want it to be crispy, you can add toasted sesame oil to the mixture.

Before cooking, you should make sure to squeeze the tofu as much as possible. To do this, squeeze the tofu several times between paper towels to get rid of excess moisture. Cut the tofu into 12 cubes. You can adjust the size of the cubes according to the length of the air fry. Then, add a few teaspoons of dipping sauce. If desired, you can serve the tofu as a snack or a meal.

To air-fry tofu is a great source of protein, and it can be enjoyed in a variety of different dishes. It can be crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The added flavors are absorbed by the tofu, making it an excellent choice for a vegetarian diet. For a delicious and healthy meal, use air-fried tofu and try it out! You will be delighted!

Air-fried tofu is the perfect snack for anyone with a sweet tooth. It can also be used in recipes that you make with your air fryer. The tofu that comes out of an air-fryer is chewy and crunchy. Once cooked, you can serve it in salads or add it to curries. This versatile ingredient can be a healthy and tasty addition to any vegetarian meal.

Air-fried tofu is crispy and chewy, depending on its thickness. Tofu can be pressed into bite-sized cubes and served with a simple green salad. You can also make tofu in the air fryer with extra-virgin olive oil. You can also prepare the tofu in a stovetop or oven. You can use the same techniques, but you should use a higher-quality oil.

To prepare air-fried tofu, you should cut tofu into uniform cubes. Mix the arrowroot powder with the spices, and then place the tofu in an air-fryer basket. Then, pour in the oil and turn on the air fryer. During the frying process, the tofu should become crispy, so it doesn’t become soggy or greasy.

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