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Air Fry Potatoes

How Long to Air Fry Potatoes

There are several different ways to air-fry potatoes. The first way is by using a regular oven. In an air fryer, you place the potatoes in the basket and then turn the temperature to 400 degrees. After about 20 minutes, turn the potatoes over and cook for another 5 minutes. Once cooked, store leftovers in

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Pressure Cook Chicken

How Long to Pressure Cook Chicken

There are many different ways to pressure cook chicken. If you want to use the leftover juice from a chicken pressure cooker as a chicken broth, you can do so by squeezing the bay leaves and discarding them, as well as any pieces of vegetables that might have gotten into the pressure cooker. To get

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Grill Salmon

How to Grill Salmon

Grill salmon is one of the easiest meals you can prepare, and it is surprisingly healthy. A simple marinade with a few seasonings will give you delicious grilled salmon in no time. And unlike most meats, salmon has naturally oily flesh, making it easy to flip over. You should also use only one sheet pan

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Hot Pockets

How to Air Fry Hot Pockets

One way to make hot pockets in the air fryer is to microwave them for about 60 seconds. Once they are warm, remove them from the crisper sleeve and place them in the air fryer for three to four minutes, or until the desired internal temperature is reached. Cool them for at least two minutes

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