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Harry Roscoe

Harry Roscoe

I'm Harry, chef of 33 years and founder of TheBurgerGarage. I love to share new and innovative recipes with my readers as well as helpful 'how to guides' on the simplest of things from cutting an onion to prepping a lobster at home. There is something for everyone on this blog.

When i'm not cooking or writing for my blog, you'll find me on the couch with a glass of red watching Top Gear - the simple life is the one i enjoy most.

Our Latest Meat Recipes

Ox Tail

How Long to Cook Ox Tail in a Pressure Cook

Oxtail is a meaty dish and can be cooked in a pressure cooker. It should be submerged in water before cooking and seasoned with salt and pepper. It can be served over rice or pasta. For best results, cook the oxtail for two to three hours. Once it is tender, remove it from the pressure […]

Grill Steak

How Long to Grill Steak

The ideal grill steak cooking time varies slightly for different cuts. A medium-rare cut of steak should be cooked for four to six minutes per side. A lean steak will take about five to eight minutes to cook through. When you’re unsure, start with a lower grilling time and check it with your finger. You […]

Pressure Cook Chicken

How Long to Pressure Cook Chicken

There are many different ways to pressure cook chicken. If you want to use the leftover juice from a chicken pressure cooker as a chicken broth, you can do so by squeezing the bay leaves and discarding them, as well as any pieces of vegetables that might have gotten into the pressure cooker. To get […]

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A Love of Food & Cooking That Shows In Everything We Do

Fast Food

Because let's face who doesn't love a takeaway at the weekend.

Meat Dishes

Meat Dishes

If you don't love meat then you must be a vegetarian, and that's fine. Look away now.

How To Guides

Need help with your food prep? Want to know the best places to eat?

Vegetable Dishes


There's always one and we guess thats you.  Here's some non meat stuff to keep you happy.

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Innovative Food Ideas You'll Love

Air Fry Leftover Pizza

How Long to Air fry Leftover Pizza

One of the best ways to reheat leftover pizza is to air-fry it. All you have to do is reheat the frozen pizza in your air fryer. The process is easy and takes only about 5 minutes. You can even reheat a frozen pizza in your air fryer, and you can even reheat a deep […]

High Iron Vegetables

What Vegetables are High in Iron

It can be difficult to meet the daily recommended iron intake for vegetarians, especially since this vitamin is only found in meat. Fortunately, there are plenty of plant-based foods that are high in iron. Whether you choose to eat raw or cooked, you can get all the iron you need with these vegetables. In fact, […]

Pressure Cook Potatoes

How to Pressure Cook Potatoes

In order to pressure cook potatoes, you should first cut the potatoes into equal portions. Next, you should place them in a weighted pressure canner, and set the cooker to 10 pounds of pressure. It should be set to 1,000 feet above sea level, and the process should take around 35 minutes. Once the time […]